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Our glossary terms can help you to select the right bathtub or any other item from our extensive products range. The terminology used at our detailed specifications is here explained, to avoid the frustrating process of decision.

A lightweight material used in the construction of bathtubs. Acrylic is more flexible than cast iron and is warmer to the touch.
Air Jet
The air jet completes the hydrotherapy effect. The 8 to 10 revolutionary designed air jets, positioned in the base of the bath, send out thousands of tiny bubbles, caressing and massaging the body, offering soothing relief to all aches and pains. Air jets are normally fitted in conjunction with a whirlpool system, but can also be fitted as a standalone system.
Air Pool Massage System
The air pool massage system is run by an air compressor blower which creates a flow of compressed air through an air nozzle. The nozzle beaks the air into minute bubbles which mingle with the water. With the resulting kinetic energy they give the body a powerful massage. By regulating the revolutions of the air compressor we can control the strength of the air massage system.
The process of using scents and fragrances to elicit a specific therapeutic response or reaction. Aromatherapy tubs feature diffusers that release your choice of essential oils to enhance relaxation during the bath experience.
Aromatherapy Perfumes
Awal presents a range of aromatherapy perfumes specially and solely formulated for use in whirlpool baths and spa baths. Aromatherapy perfumes combine the warm rush of whirlpool water, steam and air bubbles, to fill the bathroom with the aromatic scents of nature. Open skin pores allow the essential extracts to penetrate layers of skin, together with the bather´s deep inhalation. The aromatic effect can be experienced with full purifying effect. Awal aromatherapy non-foaming perfumes allow the opportunity to honour the body, with what is called ´herbal hydrotherapy´. The perfume offers the pleasure of an aromatherapy experience safe and danger free.
Underwater spa light has been medically proven as a connection between light and particular effects on moods. Light influences the production of therapeutic hormones throughout the body which contribute to the relaxing pleasure of the whirlpool experience. The colours of the rainbow are created by the multi-coloured underwater spa light. This revolutionary new feature automatically generates 256 different colours using built-in micro controllers, creating a whole new sensation. From stimulating vibrant red to deep aquatic blue, from cheerful yellow to relaxing green, the underwater multi-coloured spa light completes the full chromotherapy effect.
Combined Massage System
This system includes all the elements of the hydro air massage system. The synergy of both the effects works intensively on the human body, regenerates and relaxes it.
Disinfection System
Awal presents biologically and environmentally friendly cleaner for whirlpool circulation system. A little extra care is always required, to ensure that the bath is hygienic and bacteria free. The bath cleaner removes body residues, soap residues, dirt, grease etc. The system flushes all pipe work with fresh water from the main water supply. Disinfection tablets or liquid are kept in the container on the top of the bath. This tablet kills all germs and bacteria. Regular use of the whirlpool cleaner will ensure you to enjoy your whirlpool experience in an utmost hygienic environment.
Drain & Overflow
A mechanism on the inside wall of a bathtub that drains water once it reaches a certain height, ensuring the water doesn´t flow over the edge of the tub. Our overflows also control the drain.
Electronic Control Panel
Situated inside the shower enclosure is a control panel. Use this panel to activate and customise the various features inside the cabin, including starting the steam generator or turning other features on.
FM Radio
FM Radio produces sound from your favourite radio station, through built-in speakers.
The framework provides support to the bathtub rim. With its various connections, it is suitable for the installation of panels.
Freestanding Bath
A type of tub that is not attached to any walls and is installed through the floor instead. Clawfoot tubs are a type of free-standing bathtub, but not all free-standing tubs are clawfoot in design.
Glass Partitions
These may be made from sheet glass or hollow glass blocks. In case of sheet glass partitions, sheets of glass are fixed in the framework of metal panels, dividing entire area in a number of sections.
Hand Grips
Bathtub hand grips can be fitted to almost every bath, in the following options:
  • Chrome pebble handle
  • Plastic standard handle (available in white, light blue and chrome)
  • Chrome standard handle
The process of relaxing the body through the use of water, especially in a bathtub or pool. Soaker, whirlpool and air baths all provide different types of hydrotherapy.
Micro Jet
The micro jet has standard size, manually controlled jet system is available in various formats, it is flexible and can be easily fitted to almost any bathtub.
The handle moves up and down to control the amount of water flow and from side to side to control the temperature of the water.
Panel Clips
Clips assure the fitting of every panel to the floor and bathtub.
Feel the full relaxation by supporting your head with our special pillows (option). Curved pillow suits bath with curved head rest, whilst straight pillow sits well on a flat edged bathtub. All pillows are available in white or light blue.
  • Straight pillow
  • Curved pillow
  • Fitted pillow
Plastic Legs
Threaded plastic leg support the weight of a bathtub and can be adjusted to the dimensions of the bathtub height.
Shower Handset
Shower Head detachable from the rail and can be directed to the body by hand.
Shower Jet
Shower jet allows steam to be ejected into steam cabinet, allowing power regulation at each jet point. The increased size of the shower jet allows enjoying the soothing hydro-massage effect to its maximum.
Shower Waterfall
A shower waterfall head works by diffusing the force of water flow and shaping the water in to a wide stream. A shower waterfall head attempts to bring natural waterfall experience to your bathroom, producing the wide and thick outflow of water that comes from a waterfall.
Steam Shower
A steam shower is a type of bathing where a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor that is dispersed around a person´s body.
Super Jet
The super jet is an easily recognizable, larger, adjustable direction jet, allowing air and power regulation at each jet point. Available in 4 and 6 jets formats, the increased size of the super jet allows you to enjoy the soothing hydro-massage effect to its maximum. The super jet allows water regulation form an effect similar to the gentle bubbles of a flowing stream to give the full impact of a rushing waterfall.
Top Shower
Shower spraying the stream of water from the top.
Turbo System
Turbo system does increase the pressure of the whirlpool system 3 - 10. It is applicable for whirlpool and air pool systems only.
Wall Brackets
Wall brackets can be fitted to almost every bath tub; they support the weight through the wall.
Water Heater
Water heater keeps the water temperature around 38°C. It should not be used to heat the water.
Whirlpool Massage System
The hydro massage system is run by a water pump which creates water pressure and water flow through the nozzle. The nozzles direct the flow of the water and air mixture. Thousands of air bubbles, propelled by the speed of the water intensively massage the body. Regulating the air flow through the air control regulates the power of the massage jet.
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